NM Students' Pub Club

Easy-to-use binding systems give your students the chance to make their academic mark.

The New Mexico Students’ Publishing Club

In celebration of New Mexico’s 100 years of statehood, InaBind of New Mexico will select 3 applicants to receive a one year membership to NMSPC at no charge. Finalists will be selected upon submission of an essay outlining the applicant’s potential project, and any salient qualifiers maintained by the applying school. 

Deadline is October 31, 2011

The New Mexico Students’ Publishing Club is focused on strengthening a proficiency and enthusiasm for writing.  State-of-the-art binding accompaniments produce professionally bound books, for the prospect of connecting local students work with audiences nation-wide.

  • Members will complete one or more writing projects such as a local history book or book of poetry.
  • Members keep 100% of the profits from book sales.

NMSPC provides book exposure through marketing efforts that include:

  • Book review and posting to NMSPC website
  • Email notifications to NM libraries
  • Telemarketing to local businesses

Visit the website at www.nmstudentspubclub.com for more details and browse through the available titles.

Questions? Contact Margaret Otero at 505.268-6520.

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